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AAA Parking


AAA Parking has grown organically by building solid relationships with its clientele and providing exceptional customer service for almost 60 years.    “Our clients have direct access to our Executive Committee at any time,” Senior Vice President and company officer Bryan DeCort says.

George Williams founded the Atlanta-based company in 1956 by offering parking management services throughout the emerging city. Selig Enterprises acquired AAA Parking in 1981 and shortly thereafter, the company formed a partnership with the iconic Atlanta Marriott Marquis to provide valet services for hotel guests.

“This was critical for our company and a bold and pioneering decision,” DeCort explains. “No hotels were outsourcing their parking operations back then. Our relationship with Marriott is so deep because we started with them first and have been with them the longest.” 

Today, AAA Parking’s portfolio includes valet parking and various other staffing services for hotels and resorts, private events, commercial and retail buildings, surface lots and garages, hospitals, universities and event venues. Additionally, the company provides comprehensive consulting and analysis across a variety of parking industry disciplines. “We are very unique in that only about one-third of our portfolio is valet parking for the high-end hospitality sector,” DeCort notes. “We are very diverse, which gives us significant advantages over our competitors.” 

For the past 58 years, AAA Parking has acquired a roster of blue-chip clients and maintained a debt-free balance sheet. The company is still family operated and President Ron Williams continues to instill the same values his father did when the company began – emphasizing a commitment to customer service, employee growth and relational business practices.  

Building Relationships

Despite its continued year-over-year growth, AAA Parking prides itself on not having allowed its clients to become faceless over time, DeCort says. He adds that when working with its customers, “They get an incredibly fair, transparent and solution-driven partner that is committed to winning when they win.” 

The company maintains strong relationships with every client through its company officers who are tasked with retaining and finding new clients while remaining the primary contact for these new relationships. “We dedicate time with each client outside the business environment by sponsoring golf tournaments, meeting for coffee or attending a sports event together to get to know each other on a more personal level,” DeCort says. “We build sweat equity early and often and stay intimately involved with our clients both personally and professionally.”

AAA Parking’s approach to attracting new clients is not the traditional method of a salesforce cold calling companies; rather, it utilizes analytics provided by Google, social media and a robust proprietary CRM system to focus on key markets and new opportunities. “We don’t have a dedicated sales team or layers of bureaucracy; we are nimble, flexible and responsive, which allows us to respond quickly and deliberately,” DeCort explains. 

Trusted Service

Because of its lasting relationships, the company is often invited to grow with its clients. “As our clients develop, grow and relocate within their respective organization, they often take us with them,” DeCort says. “Our hope is that when they begin a new role or move to a new location, that they simply pick up the phone and call us.”    

AAA Parking also gains its clients’ trust by delivering high-quality service and using the latest technology in parking management to maximize revenue and profits. “We have spent millions in the last 10 years as technology has developed and shifted,” DeCort says. “We work closely with our technology partners to streamline the revenue capture and enhance the overall experience for our clients and their guests.” 

Expanding Territory

As the economy returns to form, tremendous development continues in key gateway markets, such as Miami and Los Angeles, which is resulting in new opportunities for AAA Parking. “It’s a very competitive buyer’s market and the climate in which we operate changes daily,” DeCort says. “Our industry is more asset management and financially driven then ever before. As a traditionally service-driven organization, our ability to adapt is essential.” 

Despite continuous changes in the market, AAA Parking maintains its focus on providing great service and hiring the best parking and hospitality professionals in the industry. 

Historically, AAA Parking’s heaviest concentration of properties has been in the Southeast. In recent years, the company has enjoyed significant growth in in South Florida, the Southeast and the West Coast. 

The company opened a new regional office in Los Angeles in 2013 to focus on its rapidly expanding portfolio in the area. 

“We want to be where the development is and we traditionally do very well in gateway markets,” DeCort adds. “AAA Parking is hungry and uniquely positioned to continue its double-digit growth. Our team will travel to any city to chase after new opportunities.”