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At Home with De’Longhi


Food & Drink International got a bunch of our favorite friable foods last week and gave De’Longhi’s MultiFry a test run. The ease of use and convenience was much more than we expected. The machine is compact enough to fit on our countertop, requires very little oil and did not leave a huge mess or a ton of leftover oil like other fryers do. 

Based in Treviso, Italy, The De’Longhi Group is on the forefront of the small domestic appliance category, offering a range of premium products under the De’Longhi, Kenwood and Braun brandnames. De’Longhi’s MultiFry is an innovative kitchen countertop appliance that fries, cooks, bakes and broils, and is designed to allow home cooks to enjoy healthier versions of their favorite foods. The machine performs as both a low-oil fryer and a multi-cooker. 

“We have a deep understanding of what home cooks want in the kitchen – convenience, versatility and delicious, healthy meals for their families to enjoy are at the top of the list,” De’Longhi Group North America’s President and CEO Mike Prager says. “MultiFry delivers across the board with a combination of features that make the meal preparation experience easier than ever. MultiFry is your ultimate countertop cooking partner to create hundreds of recipes throughout the year.”

The mozzarella sticks we whipped up required no oil and the company says that for a little over 2 pounds of potatoes, cooks just need to add one tablespoon of oil. No additional oil is needed for frozen potatoes. MultiFry made a great addition to our office, allowing us to ditch our brown paper bag lunches for a fried treat.

How to use: Place ingredients in the bowl, set the power level and timer and start the machine. The pop-out timer is so convenient because we could go back to our desks while we waited. Users can also easily monitor the cooking progress through the transparent lid and the automatic mixing paddle handles any stirring or mixing needs. The mixing paddle can be removed to bake a pizza or cake.  

De’Longhi’s MultiFry is available on Amazon. 


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