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RazorSync gives small service providers and franchise organizations

the tools they need to serve customers while saving money and time.

By Jim Harris

Christopher Rywelski says he hears daily from people whose lives have been greatly enhanced by RazorSync, the mobile-to-cloud field service management software company he helped launch in 2012.

“Prior to using RazorSync, our customers would typically start their days quite early, they’d manage their crews from their office but frequently handle a few field calls too. After a full day, they’d arrive home late, spend a little time with their families but ultimately resigning themselves to their home offices until very late at night doing their books or prepping the next day’s schedules,” he says. “With RazorSync, customers tell us that our solution has given multiple hours per day of their precious time back.”

Improving the business lives of customers is the goal for RazorSync, which is specifically targeted to independent, service delivery companies. “There are a lot of software companies that target large-enterprise or Fortune 1000-type companies, but we’ve taken a contrarian approach,” he adds. “The broadest base of the service market sector is comprised of small independent businesses, and they are underserved.”RazorSync Fact Box

Since its launch, RazorSync has continued to gain the attention of small independent service businesses – which Rywelski affectionately refers to “Fred in a shed, Chuck in a truck” businesses – but as early as 2015, larger franchise organizations have also begun to realize the benefits this powerful tool offers with managing their franchise network. “RazorSync approached the market from the bottom up, and more accurately building ‘raving fans’ at the field technician level. We’ve built upon our initial successes by moving upward to support franchises and larger companies,” Rywelski says.

RazorSync’s market approach gained it a positive reputation among the people who matter the most to the company: daily users of its software. “We wanted to first build raving fans of our solution at the individual technician level,” he adds. “We wanted a solution that the field techs loved and embraced because it will simplify their day-to-day work load while also saving them time and money.

“We have a profound appreciation for the impact automation has had across different industry segments. It has provided immense benefit and in many instances has completely revolutionized how certain businesses are operated.”

The company today has over 7,000 subscribers operating within more than 70 different service verticals including hvac, plumbing, pool cleaning, property management and many others. Since its inception, the software has been used to manage over 7 million work orders and process $7 million in credit card receipts.

“The service industry is the last frontier for automation,” Rywelski says. “We want to be the mobile field service solution of choice for every service provider in the United States if not North America, and have the scalability and capability to serve the market at that scale.

“Franchisors are ideally suited to benefit from our award winning platform,” he adds.

Staying Connected

RazorSync allows service businesses to more efficiently manage customers, schedule service appointments, dispatch workers, optimize routes, create invoices and process payments all from a smartphone or tablet. The software can also be integrated into a company’s existing QuickBooks Desktop or Online accounting package.

RazorSync can easily be accessed from a computer browser and iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Each RazorSync user’s interface is specifically branded to their business and includes their logo, address and contact information. The software also includes a customer portal, where the service provider’s clients can conveniently see and approve quotes, review service history and request new services, as well as pay invoices.

RazorSync’s mobile app can be run from anywhere a user is, even if they’re somewhere without cellular or wireless access. The app will continue to run and store information that later will be synced with their RazorSync cloud once access is restored. “We allow you to run your business from anywhere, even when there’s no connectivity. For most service businesses, especially those who find themselves operating in areas where signals are weak or non-existent, this capability is critical,” Rywelski says.

Franchise Benefits

The system’s benefits to franchise organizations include creating operational consistency across an entire franchise network, gaining centralized performance visibility while maintaining accountability at an individual franchise location level.

“A brand owner/franchisor has the ability to quickly establish consistency across their supply chain as well as see how each franchise location is performing in real time,” Rywelski notes.

RazorSync’s franchising customers include Pool Scouts, a brand within Buzz Franchise Brands, a home services franchisor organization. Pool Scouts launched in January 2016.

“We did a tremendous amount of research in relation to service software as we launched our brand. We were looking for a partner not just a software provider,” Pool Scouts Director of Operations Chris Bushey says. “RazorSync gives us an amazing amount of flexibility and customization that is going to allow us to build our brand and provide service and communication to our customers at the highest level. Pool Scouts is proud to be partnering with the RazorSync team.”

Other recent franchises who have adopted RazorSync’s powerful franchise management solution include Sparkle Grill Cleaning and Tricon American Homes. “We understand the distinction between what a franchisor needs and what a small business owner needs,” Rywelski says. “Our system gives small business owners and franchises alike an amazing amount of capability at an extremely low cost. I’m confident there is no other tool that will supply as much value as RazorSync will.”