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Handeholder Products


The Handeholder and Mozee lines of tablet and point-of-sale holders

solve hospitality and other companies’ mobility problems.

By Jim Harris

In 2010, Mike Burns was rushing to prepare for official timing of a running event using his new Apple iPad when he had a thought that has likely plagued many users of the tablet: the fear that he would drop the expensive device, which had been introduced earlier that same year.

Shortly after the event, Burns developed the first Handeholder, a 360-degree rotating device with an adjustable strap that securely fits around the hand of the tablet’s user and connects to the back of a tablet device using two interlocking rings of 3M Dual Lock™ material.

“The need for reliable tablet holding is how our company was started,” says Beau Keyes, vice president of marketing for Handeholder Products, Inc. “This one product led us off on our expanding mobility-solution journey.”

Although several competing products have hit the market in the years since the Handeholder’s introduction, none have matched the simple yet innovative design that has made it a market leader.

Embraced by Businesses
The company initially sold the Handeholder solely to consumers via e-commerce channels, and it continues to have a strong consumer following. It wasn’t long until businesses that had just started to regularly use the new iPads and other tablet devices took notice. “Many large Handeholder Products infohospitality and business organizations that were embracing mobility programs and needed to carry tablets around began acquiring them from us,” Keyes says.

Industrial applications for the Handeholder include use in warehouses, inventory management and healthcare. “Any business that is placing tablet or mobile devices into their employees’ hands is a market we sell into,” says Neal Glazebrook, vice president of operations. “Also, thanks to the interlocking rings, upgrading to a new tablet allows for the Handeholder to upgrade right along with the tablet.”

The company’s relationships with its B2B customers led it to develop complementary products for that market, including a hands-free belt/shoulder holster that both the tablet and hand strap can be placed in. “The customers who were buying the Handeholder from us were interested in additional hardware to make their mobility program a success,” Glazebrook says.

Handeholder Products continues to improve on its namesake device. In July 2017, it introduced an upgraded version of the Handeholder with all the same features as the legacy version but incorporating a more ergonomic design that improves use and comfort for prolonged holding.

Hospitality Helpers
Handeholder Products directly engaged the B2B marketplace with the 2014 introduction of its Mozee product line, which is a series of products designed to integrate a tablet with a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) device.

Handeholder MozeeThe Mozee products, which initially included the Handeholder incorporated with mPOS device sleds, were originally developed with the needs of the hospitality industry in mind. “The first Mozee was designed for use during hotel check-ins to accommodate multiple guests at once,” Keyes says. “Later Mozee offerings separated the Handeholder and mPOS holder for greater versatility and customization options for the client.”

Roughly 70 percent of Mozee sales are to the hospitality market, but other industries also quickly came to find it valuable. In many cases, Handeholder sells Mozee products directly to the end user as well as to hardware/software integrators that use it to supplement and aid their services to particular markets. “We give integrators who are selling payment devices and/or tablets extra products to provide their clients that often help bring the whole solution together,” Keyes notes.

Seeing the all-in-one direction being taken in the marketplace by the competition, the company chose to take a more modular approach to better favor client need. “The individual nature of our Handeholder and Mozee products makes them easy to use on virtually any tablet and e-reader brand and size,” Glazebrook says.

Competing mobility solutions are often introduced for one specific tablet or mPOS device or made universal for a few select popular models. “That situation traps users into following a plan they may not want to do,” Glazebrook adds. “Our scenario lets the client use the tablet, case, accessory and mPOS device of their choice without dictating what’s best for them.”

New Mozee Developments
Handeholder Products continues to further develop innovative Mozee solutions. Last April, the company introduced a line of Mozee holsters that can currently be used with the Ingenico Group’s iSMP4 Companion, the Verifone e355, or Miura Systems M010 mPOS device.
The back of each Mozee holster features a belt clip that allows the device to be instantly wearable. It is this clip that really makes the holster line so versatile. The belt clip can join with the included universal mount piece to attach the mPOS device to any hard surface like a clipboard, countertop, computer or tablet device. “We make our products as inclusive and customizable as possible for our clients,” Keyes says.

Additional holsters that are compatible with other specific brands and models of mPOS devices are under development. “We are working with several manufacturers to continually broaden the line and bring our solutions products to more users,” Glazebrook notes.

In addition to enhancing its product lines, Handeholder Products this year hopes to reach an even wider customer base. “We are dealing with some of the largest distribution and integration channels in the hospitality and broader business industries to make our products more widely available on a global level,” Glazebrook says.

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