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Mirror-tique prides itself on providing high-quality, one-of-a-kind handmade custom mirrors for its clients.

By Bianca Herron, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

After spending years working in his family’s art gallery, Jamie Jaffe began learning about glass blowing, art and developed an interest in mirrors. This experience, including several years working as an art director and graphic designer, would help give birth to Mirror-tique, a high-end custom distressed mirror manufacturer, in 2005.

“The idea for the company was started when a client wanted a distressed mirror to replace a genuine antique mirror that had broken in an antique frame,” Co-founder and owner Jaffe explains. “Through trial and error, a water-based biodegradable antiquing process was developed, and Mirror-tique was born.”

A Custom Experience

Mirror-tique sets itself apart from the competition by providing its customers with high-quality, unique custom mirrors. The Birmingham, Ala.-based company manufacturers every mirror by hand with quality materials, according to Jaffe.

“We can customize the size, shape, distress level and color,” he says. “We can also apply metal leaf gilding to the backs of the mirrors or to the frames, imprint custom patterns or patterns using found objects into the mirrors, incorporate logos and apply any graphic image or photograph into our custom distressed mirrors. This allows us to make a truly unique piece of functional art to fit any style, décor or space.”

Mirrortique infoJaffe notes that Mirror-tique prides itself on creating completely custom pieces tailored to its clients’ tastes and spaces. “We like for our clients to share their vision for the mirror, space or project,” he notes. “Our team is very creative and often creates custom works integrating art and mirror based on something as simple as an idea, mood, image or concept.”

Mirror-tique primarily works within the wholesale residential and commercial markets. Its customers include residential interior designers, architects, homebuilders, cabinet shops, glass shops, design centers, hotels, restaurants and bars, and home furnishings stores.

In addition, the company has cultivated “great relationships” with both its large and small customers, as well as its suppliers, Jaffe says.

Seeing Growth

Mirror-tique’s No. 1 goal is to remain a focus of its customers and potential clientele. “We want to be in front of people’s faces,” Jaffe says, noting that the company accomplishes this by displaying its products at industry trade shows. These include the High Point Market, HD Expo, Las Vegas Market and Boutique Design New York (BDNY).

“Sometimes it is difficult to properly convey the true feel of our distressed mirrors in a photo,” he says. “It helps for people to be able to see it in person and touch it. We also send custom samples upon request.”

Mirror-tique recently added two new hospitality/commercial shows to showcase its products at this year, including the HD Expo. “We hope these shows will help us increase sales and our client list,” Jaffe explains.

Mirrortique 2He adds that Mirror-tique has grown its customer base by attending trade shows. “We are hoping for more commercial clients, and look forward to more hospitality projects,” Jaffe says. “Trade shows are how we find new customers and retain existing ones. They also enable us to reach out to customers we haven’t heard from in a while to see if they need anything.”

In addition, Mirror-tique is preparing to meet the demand of its new customers by hiring regional sales representatives. “We want to hire quality talent,” Jaffe notes. “So we look at past work history, work ethic, an individual’s ability to work with others, how they receive instruction, as well as their willingness to learn our techniques and processes.”

Once hired, Mirror-tique encourages its employees to be creative and explore new designs and ideas. “We work on becoming better on a daily basis,” Jaffe says.

Ultimately, Jaffe says that he is most proud of “growing the company from nothing” to being a leader in its industry. “We have a standard of excellence in producing our custom distressed mirrors,” he says. “Our mirrors have a great look because we love what we do and use only high-quality materials. As we move forward, our goal is to continue exceeding the expectations of our clients.

“We are proud to have invented and developed all of the formulations that we use for our process,” he continues. “Our willingness and ability to take on new challenges has contributed to our success. We enjoy producing our standard finishes, but we also love challenging projects and the creative process needed to make something we have never made before.”

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