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Fast-growing Site 1001 introduces its new technology to the hospitality market.

By Kat Zeman, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

A relatively young company, Site 1001 is bringing a new cutting-edge technology into the leisure and hospitality market.

Founded in 2016, the Kansas City, Mo.-based software developer offers a cloud-based building management platform that has seen early success in demanding building environments such as data centers, laboratories, performing arts venues and exclusive hotels and resorts.

The Site 1001 platform helps building owners, operators and facilities managers improve building performance by delivering operations and maintenance information on a variety of levels. This ranges from building components for major mechanical and electrical systems to detailed information on wall and floor finishes.

Site 1001 info 2“Our model is very unique,” CEO Cleve Adams says. “There are companies that do components of what we do, but we’re the only one to tie it together into a single building operations platform.”

Site 1001’s software uses core building information, live data from building systems and sensors and operations and maintenance records in combination with artificial intelligence. It creates a building profile that can be used to improve performance and identify potential problems before they occur.

Because most building operators are mobile, the system is designed to work with smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop computers. It can even retrieve building information based on where the operator is standing.

“We integrate with legacy systems, like thermostat and air-conditioning, and with IoT devices,” Adams explains.

Although the company is new in the hospitality market, it has already completed implementation at a 1,000-acre resort in the Midwest and began work on a group of hotels in the South and four resorts/casinos in the Southeast. Other hotel chains are beginning to take notice. “We have already had some initial conversations with national hotel chains and property developers in Las Vegas,” Adams says.

Eyes And Ears

Site 1001 leverages information compiled during the design and construction phases of a building. The company says that its software helps building operators save money, improve building performance and extend building and asset life by delivering critical facilities information to the right person in the right place at the right time.

One of Site 1001’s key applications in the hospitality market is the software’s ability to collect and report information about almost any detail of a building’s operations. “It allows for every occupant of the building to be a sensor,” Adams says.

The system allows for all of its occupants, including customers, to report issues. “We can communicate with them via email or text,” Adams adds. “But the messages that we send are driven by what we know about the building and it has to fit into the context of their stay.”

For example, if a hotel owner believes that his linen contractor is not delivering enough towels to each guest, the system may message the guest asking about towel service. “You can also integrate the linen contractor into the performance,” Adams says. “Our platform allows the information to be consumed by outside contractors as well.”

Site1001 drone2In addition, the system can suggest best practices for building operations. “You can get ideas on how to improve a building’s infrastructure,” Adams adds. “Like how other businesses have stopped their water heater from leaking. Our platform is a community.”

Managing Water Supply

Another aspect of the technology that the hospitality industry may find useful is its ability to monitor a building’s water supply system and warn when it detects a leak or conditions favorable to bacterial, viral or parasitic agents exist. “Water supply is a unique problem within the hospitality industry,” Adams says.

Unless a hotel is at full occupancy, some of its rooms may not be used for a few days. That means showers and sinks may have standing water in the pipes where pathogens can breed and be released the next time the water is run. “Our platform can not only monitor the water supply for conditions favorable to bacteria and viruses, it can also communicate with automatic valves and create an environment where the pathogens can’t grow,” Adams says.

Since most hotels don’t have valves that make an automated response possible, Site 1001 generates an alert that notifies the building’s operator to flush the pipes. But the system can also be set up to automatically flush hot water through the pipes and kill pathogens before they grow.

Installing the Site 1001 platform can also save the building operator money on insurance premiums. The company partners with underwriters that offer reductions on premiums for property coverage if the system is installed.

“The savings on the insurance side are always in excess of the cost of the software,” Adams says. “Those savings more than pay for the system.”

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