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Waterstreet Technology Group Inc.


Waterstreet developed its modular software system to help field-service franchisors grow.

By Staci Davidson, Managing Editor, Knighthouse Media

The speed of technology evolution is often lightning-fast, but that does not daunt Waterstreet Technology Group Inc. It is happy to evolve the strengths of its solutions, but always with the features and speed required by its franchise clients. About 20 years ago, Waterstreet started by offering a travel franchise a simple file system with permission-based user accounts.

By working alongside its many franchise clients and listening, the company has grown to offer brand management tools, operational management solutions, performance reports, intranet systems and more – all shaped to meet the needs of its customers.

“Our development was very organic,” President and CEO Jeff Dumont explains. “It was very much based on when franchises came to us, saying, ‘we need this, we need that.’ We developed our solution by franchisors for franchisors, and today it includes a diverse set of systems that come in all shapes and sizes. There are very few aspects of franchising that we have yet to experience and address. We are unique in that we offer a tailored solution to each client, using different modules to address things like sales, overall operations, day-to-day operations – it’s a full and complete solution.”

A longstanding member of the International Franchise Association, Waterstreet focuses on field-service commercial franchise systems, having successfully helped clients such as The Maids, Junkluggers and HandyPro. The company decided a few years back to focus its FranchiseZEE module on field-service clients, realizing its expertise was particularly deep in that sector.

“Brick-and-mortar businesses revolve around point-of-sale systems, whereas field-service companies are out in the field, dealing with customers, estimates, work orders, invoicing and collecting payments,” COO Tim Chizik says. “We are focused on system-based software, not point-of-sale software, so we help franchises that are out there providing services. We help them deal with the day-to-day reality of their field-service franchise system.”

Dumont explains it was a strategic business decision to focus on the field-service niche, and Waterstreet has spent a lot of time working to ensure its software meets the needs of those clients. “Depending on the complexity of a client’s business it could take many months or even years in some cases to implement an entirely customized franchise enterprise solution,” he explains. “So we engineered our software to be more out-of-the-box to be able to implement it more rapidly. We are talking a week or two now for a complete system with basic customization. But it still maintains all the important functions, flexibility and features, such as how field-service businesses are more dependent on customer relationship management and scheduling services.” WaterstreetInfo

Josh Cohen, founder and CEO of The Junkluggers and Second Chance Upcycling Centers states “Waterstreet is a strategic partner in our growth. They truly understand franchising and have provided a software solution that addresses the needs of our franchise system.”

Building Brands

Waterstreet’s solution is modular, plus it is structured to plug into other systems as needed so  clients can pick and choose the functionality they want. The company starts by going through an extensive needs analysis with its clients, helping to ensure it delivers custom solutions. Dumont notes that the company’s expertise and experience allow it to ask franchisors the right questions about their businesses.

“Because we have so much knowledge and experience in franchising and field service, we can ask them questions that they may have not thought about yet, but we know will impact them down the road,” Chizik adds. “The way that we’ve built the software – we are solving problems without franchisors realizing there are problems. The accumulation of all the pieces that we’ve thought of in advance is a real differentiator in our solution.”

Waterstreet takes pride in being able to facilitate the specific needs of any kind or size of franchise system. It offers a solution for the franchisor’s day-to-day operations; a franchise sales CRM designed for the sale of any kind of franchised business; and at the franchisee level, a system specifically designed for field-service business.

“The company’s software modules can be implemented individually and/or collectively to provide a complete solution, from Franchise Sales through to FranchiseZOR Operations through to day-to-day FranchiseZEE Operations,” Chizik says. “The result is a seamless record of the process from the start of the relationship as it moves forward. And ultimately it all adds up to a better franchise system and more royalties for our clients.”

“Successful franchising is all about relationship management, so we focus on best practices to support the growth of the franchisee,” Dumont says. “Waterstreet franchise management supports better communication, branding, marketing, compliance management, collaboration, field service operations and more. It helps every franchisee adhere to a well-defined work flow so there is consistency in how they go about their day-to-day business. We can automate the tracking of royalties, provide statements and keep everything very transparent. They can report revenue consistently across the network and the data is measurable.

“Because franchisees are inherently competitive, by using our system, franchisors can collect that kind of information and provide reports and KPIs to share that information among the franchisees,” he continues. “This helps franchisors build better relationships with their franchisees, and in turn helps franchisees to better represent the brand.”

Waterstreet’s expertise allows it to focus on the needs of its clients and to expand its solution, and the company has partnered with other leading third-party software providers with tools to enhance functionality. For example, its solution integrates with Quickbooks accounting.

“Waterstreet Franchise Management Software provides The Maids International with a solution that replaced our fragmented system so that today every one of our franchisees manages their day-to-day operations using the same set of tools and best practices,” says Dan Kirwan, COO for The Maids. “It has been a real game-changer for The Maids.”

For more information, contact Jeff Dumont at 866-479-0861 or at jeffd@waterstreet.net.

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