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Woobo Launches New Version of Interactive AI Robot Designed for Kids

A smart companion who sparks curiosity and fosters early development in children aged 4 and up


Boston – Woobo recently announced that its interactive AI robot is now available for pre-order on its newly redesigned website. Boston-based startup, Woobo, Inc., first launched this smart companion in December 2017 after raising an impressive $360,000 from their Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

Woobo is a cuddly, plush robot who is approximately 10.5″ tall and 10.5″ wide. Woobo weighs about 1.5 pounds and includes a parent app for iOS and Android setup and control capabilities. Incorporating some important feedback from customers into the design, Woobo v1.5 will retail for $149 and is slated to ship around mid-September.

Woobo harnesses innovative technology to create a ‘smart’ companion that’s not only cuddly but enhances kids’ educational and emotional development. This artificial intelligence (AI)-based toy serves as a learning launch pad that sparks a child’s curiosity and encourages exploration. A functional education and entertainment platform within a soft and goofy robot-playmate, Woobo can talk, express feelings, tell stories, sing songs, and play games with kids. Woobo gets smarter and more engaging with each new interaction.

“Children love exploring and having fun with an interactive playmate who can match their curiosity, and parents want an educational companion who gives their kids a taste of learning,” said Feng Tan, founder and CEO of Woobo, Inc. “Woobo is an interactive robot friend who introduces kids to new concepts through fun and interactive learning experiences. It’s a learning launch pad and a talking puppy rolled into one!”

Woobo v1.5 will have a rectangular screen that ensures increased screen visibility and sturdier wires in the paw buttons that are used to turn the toy on and off and in navigating the menu.

The content library is getting a major boost with the release of this updated version.

It will now include:

  • A new game called Woobo’s World which will let kids explore exciting landscapes and new characters that are an integral part of Woobo’s story.
  • A new set of changeable facial expression packages.
  • In-app purchases to access third-party content.
  • Free unlimited access to the original content library — games and activities (40), songs (50) and stories (approximately 25) — that is updated on a regular basis.

“When you give your child a Woobo, you’re providing them with a safe gateway to a world of curiosity and imagination,” said Tan. “We promise you this: Woobo is the smartest, most engaging robotic playmate your child will ever have.”

Click here to pre-order Woobo!

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About Woobo

Woobo is a Boston-based company founded by MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Harvard alumni to produce a vocal and interactive AI robot for child companionship and educational development. Woobo provides a functional education and entertainment platform within a cuddly, engaging robot playmate that brings kids joy and interactive learning. Woobo can talk, answer questions, express emotion, tell stories, sing songs, and play games with kids of any age. For more information, visit www.woobo.io.

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