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Posera has been faithfully serving the hospitality industry for decades,

but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to grow.

By Posera

Posera’s flagship POS system, Maitre’D, has undergone three major evolutions in a few short years. Posera, one of the leading technology global providers for the hospitality industry has been on a mission to create the most comprehensive POS system. A POS powerhouse. It seems they may have done just that.

Wholistic POS

Phase 1 of Posera’s plans was to not only create a dynamic, rich, and customizable Maitre’D features for every sort of restaurant concept, but to make these features extensive. Maitre’D POS handles table management, loyalty programs, online ordering and delivery, labor management, accounting and payroll, mobile POS and payments capabilities, kitchen display systems, and now boasts one of the hardest-working, most extensive inventory modules in the market.

Posera info“It’s not an accident that the Maitre’D suite is now powering tens of thousands of restaurants locations around the world,” says Michel Cote, Senior Vice President of Partners and Products. “Our seasoned R&D team is continuously working to mature every aspect of our product, and our representatives and our technical support team are located around the world. That means that our company is improving the POS system and working to serve our clients round the clock!”

Super Data

Building on the huge success of the Maitre’D feature-rich capability, Posera went on to create super data pathways through which restaurateurs can oversee their business. DataBoard, the Android and iOS mobile application is born. DataBoard is a scalable platform that provides real-time, above-store insights.

In a forward-looking move, Posera introduced a cloud-based accompaniment to DataBoard: DataBoard-Advanced Reporting. The cross-platform, back-office, cloud reporting solution securely brings the full breadth of DataBoard to the cloud. With real-time alerts and comprehensive, multi-level reporting retrieved directly from the POS, extensive sales and operational information is relayed directly to the merchant’s desktop, smart phone, tablet and to their email.

“DataBoard-Advanced Reporting enables merchants operating any hospitality industry concept to access powerful current-day business monitoring tools and reports that provide them with the crucial business performance metrics that fundamentally inform operations and impact profitability,” Cote says.

Hotel Frontier

Posera 2The latest challenge for Posera’s Maitre’D POS came in the form of hotels. Today’s hotel guests have high expectations. They want seamless, engaging, and convenient experiences across physical, mobile and digital spheres.

Those are daunting challenges at the individual property level, made even more so across a hospitality enterprise.

This is how Maitre’D evolved to address the complexities of the hotel cycles.

The POS integrates seamlessly with a hotel’s PMS and supports mobile payment throughout the property – that’s convenient for the guest while ensuring guest folios are kept up-to-date on every transaction. The Maitre’D PMS integration capability means the data shared fuels better insights and better performance across loyalty programs, staff scheduling, inventory optimization, targeted marketing and much more – fortifying the hotel’s longevity and scalability.

“We’re really proud of Maitre’D PMS integration capability. Our POS integrates with every major PMS across dozens of F&B revenue categories, including restaurant, bar, room service, banquet, conference room, and many others – eliminating entry errors and promoting harmonious POS-PMS functions,” Cote says. “Maitre’D is now at the heart of hundreds and hundreds of hotels and hotel chains. I believe that’s because hospitality isn’t just our client-base. It’s our way of doing business.”

Special Offer

Part of the Maitre’D magic is the Embedded Maintenance Program (EMP), where, with a yearly subscription, customers are assured that service packs, security updates and the latest releases are always available to them.

Want to ensure that your software regulations will up-to-date & have access to the newest features and upgrades?

Receive a FREE 24-month EMP subscription with the purchase of Maitre’D POS for your hospitality business today.

Visit posera.com to request a free Maitre’D demo – be sure to include the promo code “FreeEMP” to receive 2 years of free upgrades!

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