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Intensive training programs provide Orkin’s franchise owners with tools they need for success.

By Barbara McHatton

After more than 100 years in the business, Orkin has become the largest pest management brand in the world, according to the company. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Rollins Inc., Orkin operates in more than 55 countries globally, including North America, LATAM, Canada,  Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia.

“There is a need for quality pest management services everywhere,” says Global Development and International Franchising President Tom Luczynski. The company says that this multibillion-dollar industry continues to experience steady growth even during economic downturns. Orkin provides its services to both individual homeowners as well as commercial businesses. Helping protect the public health and protecting the food supply from the harmful effects from pests is our mission.

Top-Tier Training

A large part of Orkin’s success lies in its immersive training program that enables franchise owners and their employees to learn the most up-to-date research and methods to effectively manage and eliminate pest infestations. Staffed by a team of entomologists, food safety experts and sanitation specialists, Orkin provides the most current research on both prevention and non-harmful chemical treatments.

Called the Rollins Learning Center, the 26,000-square-foot facility provides a blended approach to learning the best pest management methods for various unique situations. The learning facility offers classes and simulation environments including a commercial kitchen, hospital room, warehouse, hotel room, grocery store,  and a single-family residence. Orkin info box1

Additionally, the Rollins Global Learning Network is an interactive internet-based system for remote learning opportunities. This network enables global transmission of live events and on-demand content over Orkin’s portal. “Instructors are able to present topics, ask questions and provide feedback to trainees for an optimal learning experience,” the company says. Sales support training is also part of its offerings.

“We can broadcast live training on a variety of pest management subjects,” Luczynski notes. “Students can interact with the instructor in a real-time environment – which is unique to Orkin.”

Orkin also offers a program for commercial technicians to become master certified field technicians. “Our technicians go through five levels of certification to become master technicians,” the company says. At the 26, 000-square-foot Orkin Learning Center in Atlanta, simulation environments – such as model rooms of restaurants and hotels – also provide hands-on experience to help technicians learn the unique challenges of these environments in a business setting. 

Here, technicians learn the unique challenges facing various types of business operations. For example, food manufacturing facilities and hospitals run a great risk of contamination to the public and are more susceptible to certain types of vermin. Therefore, Orkin has created specialized approaches for these facilities to ensure all possible measures are taken to manage pest populations. Training is also provided regarding the types of pests that live in various regions of the world.

Additionally, Orkin shares their operations manuals with franchise partners. The company on-boards franchisees with initial training and helps train new employees as their businesses grow. “Our support team goes to individual global franchises to work directly with their teams with both sales and service,” Luczynski says.

“We also have over 2,000 minutes of video training to which franchisees have access,” Luczynski boasts. The Orkin support center in Atlanta provides operations advice, answers technical questions and provides customer support.

As a global company, Orkin supports its franchise partners with marketing materials, print and radio advertising scripts. In addition to having access to the most advanced equipment and materials, 

Luis Elizando, a franchise owner in Costa Rica, lauds Orkin for the power of the brand and for its ability to quickly assimilate technicians. “In a very short time, we have earned a reputation as one of the most effective and highly technical pest management providers in Costa Rica,” Elizando says. “Our relationship with Orkin has allowed us to benefit from the company’s vast technical expertise and earn our customers’ confidence. Our partners at Orkin have made themselves accessible to us and our clients.”

For many consecutive years (2003 to 2014 and in 2017), Training magazine listed Orkin in its top 125 list of organizations that excel at human capital development.

Integrated Pest Management

Following a scientific approach to eliminating current infestations, Orkin’s pest management approach “centers on a deep understanding of pest biology and the latest industry research,” the company explains. Additionally, the company’s training offers insights into pest behaviors to control potential infestations. 

Called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), it is an environmentally responsible pest management approach that, “emphasizes non-chemical control techniques, such as sanitation and facility maintenance, to help prevent pest infestations before they begin,” the company says. This approach teaches clients to implement prevention techniques, as well.

Support is also provided through a regular schedule of Regional franchise meetings that allows its franchise owners to consult with other members on sales strategies, best practices and other assistance.

“We have a very service-oriented culture…including one of continuous improvement in all we do,” Luczynski says. “Our commitment to our employees and customers are the driving factors that make [Orkin] the premier pest management brand in the world.”

The company is currently seeking new franchise partners primarily in Europe and Asia.


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