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Imagine 1

The Pakistani Bus from the Crayola® Artist’s Passport ‘Truck Art’ class. In this program, kids learn about different cultures while putting their own unique spin on traditional art forms.

Imagine 2

A unique product design from the Crayola® World of Design “Pitch Your Product” class. Kids learn about different art careers and create art projects that are based on each field.

 Imagine 3 

The certificate of achievement from the Crayola® World of Design program. Each program is uniquely branded, and kids get to take-home certificates upon completion of every after-school program. 

 Imagine 4

The I.D.E.A. Design Process from the Crayola® World of Design program. Each program teaches kids about a larger purpose, as well as foundational art techniques. In this program they use the ideation process to develop their creative concept for each project. 


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