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RM-Licensing Spotlights

Universal Branding and Media Licensing Agency


Heidi Schwartz of Universal Branding and Media Licensing Agency is liaison between licensees and licensors. She works with companies such as Dynacraft and Minted Labs to figure out what brands make sense for their product category and what retailers are seeking. 

“I also look at what is happening in the world of licensing,” Schwartz says. “New movies, new TV shows, a hot YouTube brand that is starting to develop momentum.”

Schwartz then presents the brand to the potential licensee, who discusses it internally. If the licensee thinks it’s a fit, negotiations – which can take anywhere from two weeks to six months – take place.

“It’s not just a numbers game, it’s a partnership,” Schwartz says. “The licensee protects the integrity of the brand and the licensor will acknowledge that the licensee knows their category.”

With Minted Labs, Schwartz has brought in Borderlands 3 as a new brand. With Dynacraft, Schwartz successfully negotiated to license Baby Shark, Rainbow Ranges and Ugly Dolls.

Universal Branding and Media represents a variety of manufacturers in lifestyle brands, soft and hard consumer goods and character and entertainment licenses for both wholesale and retail categories. It uses a 360-degree approach to analyze its clients’ opportunities and challenges and seeks to develop a strategy to meet or exceed their goals.

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