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Retailers gain a way to provide an immersive experience


Retailers are embracing Memomi to enhance the customer experience and drive sales. Using physics and a pixel-based algorithm, Memomi provides a realistic and personalized augmented reality experience. 

Luxury retail brands such as Neiman Marcus and Luxottica are using Memomi’s Smart Mirror to virtually experience its high-end fashion and eyewear. As more retailers look to add AR into their brick-and-mortar stores, Memomi co-founder Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky told pymnts.com: “We’re like a chameleon. We can create a new use case in a few weeks. We’re working with almost every makeup super brand and we’re expanding all the time.”

The challenge to retailers is to figure out how to provide Memomi with merchandise images its technology can use to digitally manipulate around the consumer images it captures, according to reports.

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