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Pumpernickel’s continues to serve Toronto’s business community with quality offerings and a high level of service.

With most of its locations in Toronto’s business district and throughout the GTA, Pumpernickel’s understands what office workers like to eat. CEO, President and Co-founder Soly Ziv knows the company’s offering needs to be full of items that are “tasty, healthy, and filling enough to fuel someone for the rest of the workday,” so Pumpernickel’s always tries to offer a variety of salads and other light lunches. In addition, office workers don’t want to have to stand in line for a long time to get their food, so Pumpernickel’s aims to be fast and efficient with its menu offerings. However, it is always making sure that what it delivers is made with the freshest ingredients, is visually appealing, and never compromises on quality. These high standards and values have allowed Pumpernickel’s to grow for more than 30 years.

“Most of our locations are in dense business districts where there is demand for breakfast and lunch,” Ziv says. “Catering is also a big part of our offering – we service the dining needs of a lot of companies, whether it be office celebrations, parties, holidays, or simple day to day breakfast and lunch meetings. We can provide the full range of offerings for any type of corporate gathering.”

Ziv Soly founded Pumpernickel’s in 1986 when he purchased a failed deli counter, staffing it with himself, his wife and two workers. He and his wife started with a menu inspired by their home cooking, and although it took time for business to pick up, Pumpernickel’s eventually started to build a strong reputation. Today, the company has 17 locations around Toronto and it continues to expand.

“We are a boutique chain that pays attention to the people who work for us and the quality of food we offer,” Ziv says. “We keep up with market trends as much as possible, with a keen eye on bringing innovation and new items to our menu. We adapt ourselves accordingly. The most important part about our business, however, is the people who work for us. They are the driving force that helps us grow the company.”

Pumpernickel’s is a family-run business that was created by a husband-and-wife team. It has since grown to include Ziv’s three sons as well as other members of the family, which has helped to foster a strong family culture throughout the entire employee base. He stresses that this culture of inclusion and family plays a big role in ensuring high quality throughout the entire operation.

“We have roughly 150 employees, and we take the time to get to know and keep in touch with everybody,” Ziv says. “We pay attention to the needs of our people and treat them fairly and respectfully. We also have quality assurance staff that visit each location to monitor consistency and quality. We put an equal emphasis on every small detail, never cutting corners, or letting things slide. We are always improving our system as we go, day by day.”

Fast Response

To enhance its catering operation, Pumpernickel’s wants the ordering system to be as smooth and easy as it can be for customers. Ziv notes that a customer can call, email or order right on the website – even for an order on the same day. Pumpernickel’s only needs a few hours to prepare a meal that is both tasty and well presented.

“There are many situations where clients need the food right away, and we have been a life saver for many companies,” Ziv explains. “They appreciate that. If we can execute a last-minute order with the same quality and precision as any order, customers will continue to return.”

Pumpernickel’s is careful about its growth. More than half of its locations are franchises, but Ziv doesn’t agree to opening a new site until he is certain that staffing and location are carefully vetted. Even so, he hopes to open three or four new locations next year.

“Our growth is going so well,” he says. “We have very high sales with only 17 stores. Some companies that have 50 stores don’t have the sales we do. We can do this because all of the great people we have.”

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