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Industry Updates

The Most-Loved Restaurant Brands


Market research company Savanta has revealed “The Top 100 Most-Loved U.S. Eating-Out Brands” based on 60,000 interviews with diners. Chick-fil-A comes in at No. 1, followed by Starbucks at No. 2 and Olive Garden at No. 3.

“At a very basic level, there is a relationship between the extent to which consumers love an eating-out brand and the number of times they visit a venue,” Savanta noted. There are four central approaches that – if executed effectively – can help increase brand affinity and drive bottom-line revenue generation.

Savanta said meaningful brand relationships are built by:

  1. Employing analytics to help understand, profile and size your customer typologies;
  2. Offering personalized and relevant communication;
  3. Being social and mindful that it is a two-way conversation; and
  4. Retaining customers rather than replacing them.