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Retailers Reopen with New Restrictions


For the last few weeks, many people have been visiting their local retailers, but never getting service past the curb. That is changing as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, but stores still have to make important changes to keep people safe.

For example, Port Huron Times Herald reports that even though Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has allowed retailers and auto dealerships to have customers inside their stores, they can only do it under certain restrictions. Customers have to make appointments and only 10 people are allowed inside at a single time.

The retailers are taking their own precautions as well, Times Herald reports. Demiree Potter, the owner of Ruboo Boutique in Port Huron, updated her store’s point-of-sale system with a simple solution. Employees slide a box across the counter into which customers drop their credit cards. That way, the workers do not have to touch the cards.

Patrick and James, a men’s attire store also located in Port Huron, is taking precautions by following CDC guidelines for a clean and safe store. “We will have hand sanitizer stations throughout the store, dressing rooms and doors will be cleaned after each visit, social distancing requirements will be in place and we will take appropriate measures to protect our employees,” co-owner Charitie Pruitt told the newspaper.

The Sweet Tooth of Marine City, a candy, chocolate and ice cream store in Marine City, Mich., had a plan for reopening that included having gloves and masks at its door for people to put on. It also planned to encourage people to  look at its bulk wall of products as opposed to touching it. In addition, the store will feature a hand sanitizer station and employees will change gloves after each transaction. 

Owner Todd May told the Times Herald that it has been a stressful time and that his store was trying to adapt. “It’s a different world,” he stated.


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