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Touchless Menu Uses WiFi for a Safer Ordering Experience


GoZone WiFi, a U.S.-based WiFi analytics and marketing SaaS company, has unveiled a new product called Touchless Menu to help restaurants adapt to safety and health concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Touchless Menu creates a contactless ordering experience during dine-in service. Guests access the restaurant’s food and beverage menu by connecting to a special WiFi network, which pushes the digital menu to the guest’s smartphone, tablet, laptop or other WiFi-enabled device.  

“Our team developed Touchless Menu after hearing from restaurant owners and operators across the country who are struggling to navigate a safe reopening,” said Todd Myers, GoZone WiFi CEO. “The Touchless Menu gives restaurants an opportunity to reassure patrons that they’re taking actions to reduce the spread of COVID-19.”

The Touchless Menu is safer than sanitizing reusable menus, which require cleaning by staff members between uses, according to GoZone WiFi. It also provides significant cost savings over printed single-use menus, while being environmentally conscious.

Restaurant operators quickly upload their current menu to a drag-and-drop menu editor with pre-built menu templates. The Touchless Menu works by simply plugging in a pre-configured router box to a restaurant’s existing Internet router to set up guest WiFi access. Once set up, guests can instantly view the menu on their personal WiFi-enabled devices inside the restaurant.

Learn more about GoZone WiFi’s Touchless Menu at www.GoZoneWiFi.com/Touchless-Menu.


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